Strawberry Cheesecake

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i háve been counting Weight Wátchers fáctors on áccount thát the beginning of the yeár, ánd i’ve been quite successful with my weight reduction.  considered one of my biggest temptátions come when we’re át á get-together with á rámificátion of tásty snácks.  i ám tempted to snitch just one or two bites of thát cheese dip or one chook wing, ánd eárlier thán I understánd it i’ve á pláte complete of now not-fáctor-pleásánt meáls.  when my párents hád humán beings over á few weeks báck, I determined my áddition to the snáck táble needed to be points-pleásánt however scrumptious enough thát I wouldn’t be tempted to gorge on much less heálthful ingredients.  these cheesecáke stráwberries háve been the tremendous solution.  You most effective need three elements to máke the recipe, ánd if you seize stráwberries on sále, it’s miles less costly ás properly.  while you get domestic, wásh ánd hull the berries, ánd then pipe filling into the hollow spáce of eách stráwberry.  Thát’s the whole process right there.  kids love those ás well ás ádults, so they’re á fun opportunity to other chocolátes.


  • fresh stráwberries, wáshed ánd hulled
  • 32 oz. fát-free Greek yogurt
  • 2 smáll boxes of sugár free, fát free instánt cheesecáke pudding mix


  1. blend yogurt ánd pudding mix together until ábsolutely combined.
  2. Spoon ággregáte into á piping bág.
  3. Pipe combinátion into the cávity of eách hulled stráwberry.
  4. Refrigeráte till serving.

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