Of Lobster Bisques and Christmas Breaks

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Lobster bisque is one of our yearly holiday traditions, and
since I’m making a batch today, I thought I’d repost the video in case you want
to add another very special course to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve menu.
Markets often have specials on lobster this time of year, and if you can find a
couple, this is a real crowd pleaser.

By the way, we’re closing up shop for the Christmas Holiday,
and taking a little break until the New Year. Don’t worry, I promise not to
rest too much, as I’ll be busy cooking and filming new episodes. I sure hope
they match up with your resolutions! Let me guess, you’d like to see something
low-carb and high in fiber? It’s like I’m a mind reader.

Thank you for another great year on the blog, and for your
continued enthusiastic and inspiring support. We had a lot of laughs, and I
avoided any actual work for another year. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Happy
Holidays to you and yours, and as always, enjoy!

Click here to see original the Lobster bisque post!

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