Ireland Fake Visa Work Visa Offer For Bangladeshi and Others Nationality

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Most of the Ireland fake visa work start from Delhi, India. But most of the agency or Asian people don’t have any idea for Ireland fake visa. Most of the Bangladeshi and others nationality people go to India for Ireland job /work visa and after some days they are fall in the dangers moment and lost huge money.

So be careful with ireland fake work visa offer. Today I will try to show you for one Indian agent name & address with evidence.  

Indian Cheater Agent and People Name:

Ireland Fake Visa work for cheater agent below

Sorry for picture don’t collect

Name: Ahmed  ( I don’t  know full name)

Address : Visa Source and Immigration Services(PVT.) Ltd.

214, CIT Road, Kolkata-700014

Mobile : +91 72782 35061 ( WhatsApp no same)

Next cheater people with Ahmed for Ireland fake work visa

Name: Jimmy ( don’t know full name)

sorry, I don’t get any information about jimmy.

He is the main culprit for Ireland fake work visa with ahmed. Most of the Bangladeshi people fall into the trap that people. I know that huge people lost money for jimmy.

Now see  fake Ireland Fake work visa sample:

Remember it Bangladeshi and others nationality, Most of the Asian agent work for fake or scam visa. So Be careful from that and save ur money from cheater agent.

If anyone get information Ahmed/Jimmy plz inform me in our comment section.

Be happy with your family. Thank You

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