Culinary School in a Box, and Too-Good-to-Eat Christmas Cookies

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My friends at have put together a series of online cooking classes, which could make a great gift for the foodies on your list. Whether
they admit it or not, we all know your friends and family are envious of your
culinary abilities, and secretly wish you’d teach them some of your skills.

Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon (hey, you’re
busy, and they can’t afford your rates anyway), why not do the next best thing,
and make them learn themselves? With any luck, they’ll practice their
“homework” on you. Plus, think of all the time you’ll save wrapping a present.

In case you’re wondering, while I completely
stand behind this offering, I’m not personally involved in the course
instruction, nor do I directly profit from subscriptions to the school.
more info, head over to Enjoy!

Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas

Ironically, the ultimate goal with this kind of thing is to
make a cookie so amazing, so intricate, and so visually arresting, that no one
would dare bite into it. “How were the cookies? No idea, they were too nice to
eat.” Just imagine. Enjoy!

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