BLT Bites – Low Carb Recipes

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BLT Bites – Low Carb Recipes by 

1. Cut ä thïn slïce off the bottom end (not the stem end) of eäch tomäto, änd scoop out änd dïscärd the pulp.

2. Dräïn the tomätoes, cut sïde down, on päper towels for 10 mïnutes.

3. Combïne the remäïnïng ïngredïents ïn ä smäll bowl.

4. Stïr gently to mïx well.

5. Spoon thïs mïxture ïnto the tomätoes.

6. Refrïgeräte, covered, for äbout än hour, but not overnïght.

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